Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Pink Flamingo

I have always admired some of the pink rods that have surfaced on the net and wondered what I would do should I get the chance to do a pink rod.

Well last year I received a TXL-F in the mail and the brief was simple......Make it Pink.

Quick Specs:

Blank: TXL-F 2710-4B painted pink with a hint of pearl
Thread: Soft Pink/Violet Nylon to blend in with blank
Guides: TiCh Holographic Stripper and TiCh snakes and Tip Top
Grip: Palmgrip with Light Gunsmoke Anodized sliding band and hood
Tube: Same pink as rod with Cherry Blossom Wrap in Silver and Light Gunsmoke Engraved endcaps of my own design.

I treated the rod and tube with a matte clear as per my Heron spec, just to take the flash down a bit and turn it into a satin finish. This eliminated those fingerprints you always see on a gloss surface on a rod tube.

A few snaps of the rod tube....

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