Monday, August 17, 2015

Heaviest Heron to Date

I don't know why, but perhaps I am technologically impaired as I have posted this before, but it was just lost in space.

Well this was a request from Michael Cooper in the United Kingdom.
We discussed a couple of details via numerous e-mails and I was really surprised that Mike wanted a Heron in 4wt 8ft. This is in fact the Heaviest Heron to date as I usually build these as Ultralights.

I send this rod via a courier company because we had some serious strikes in the Postal Services and the funny thing is they delivered it to Michael's door without knocking or anything and when he opened the door he saw the parcel lying there like an abandoned child. I just laughed and told him that if it was over here that rod would have grown legs and walked off somewhere.

Quick Specs:

Blank: Orvis Superfine Touch Blank 8' 4wt 4 piece
Thread: Forged Steel
Guides: BMNAG Stripper and lite wire snakes in black.
Grip: Palmgrip with anodized black hardware.
Rod Tube : Heron Grey with Signature Series Endcaps in Black with engraved detail.

I haven't weighed this rod. I refer to it as the Heaviest Heron to date based on its line rating, but I am pretty sure that this can still go through as an Ultralight.

Thanks for looking.

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