Sunday, February 10, 2013

Not So Silent Assassin

Just after Christmas Tony from Ultimate Angling brought me his Assassin for a revamp.He was not sure what exactly he wanted, but he wanted something in the line of a bling rod. We went through a catalog filled with components and I made some suggestions, we also discussed a theme for the rod and we both concluded that the Gospel Fish Symbol would point the way.

This is what the rod looked like before I stripped it.

Specs of the new rod build

Blank : Assassin 5-6oz Medium HMG
Paint : Three stage paint, Candy Apple red.
Guides : Flip Down as the first in a size 25, the rest is Fuji HBSG with SiC inserts in Gunsmoke finish from #20 down to #12 with a matching Tip Top and a ring size of 16.
Thread : Gudebrod Scarlet in D with a red metallic spiral trim
Grip: Standard EVA sanded down a bit
Hook Keeper: 2mm Natural Anodized Aluminium Fish Head and Gospel Fish Symbol lazer cut. Note the keeper is secured between the grip and the Fuji Trigger Seat.
Decal : Digital Printed on Clear Vinyl and applied onto Coarse Silver base of Candy Apple.
Reel Seat : Fuji Deluxe Trigger Seat
Wooden Butt and Stainless Ring : This was the original I just sanded down and treated with a Standox Clear Coat.

Warning this post is photo heavy, I mean how am I supposed to choose between these pics?

After Pics...

I don't believe that you can capture the brilliance of the colour on a photo, this is one of those that you just have to see with your own eyes, but I sure tried getting the best of angles on the camera.

Thanx for looking

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