Thursday, May 5, 2016

Duncan's Heron

A while ago Duncan Moth commissioned me to build him a Heron.
Don't know why I haven't posted these here yet.
The matte/stealth finish on this one really came out great.

Quick Specs :

Blank: Orvis Superfine Touch 7'6" 1wt 4 piece.
Thread: Blue Steel or something like that
Grip : Palmgrip with Anodized Black Hardware
Guides: Fuji BMNAG and Lite Wire Snakes in Black.

The Lakensvlei Special

This is a rod that I finished a while ago. I really like this build as I always wanted to do a "heavier" ultra light rod. The brief was simple, make a 10ft budget rod with an all cork reelseat and grip that will be just as good as some of the high end rods.

Now for rods in a smaller weight an all cork seat and grip is not a problem, but on a heavier rods your options really becomes limited. I decided to do a Ritz grip with a dual purpose cork seat. I did an oval seat because I don't like the mortised look you get on some rods. The dual purpose seat enables you to balance your reel perfectly by either having it in up locking or down locking configuration.

MHX 10ft 5wt

Blank: MHX 1054 in Slate Grey
Thread: Black and Metallic Green
Grip: Ritz Grip
Dual Purpose Reelseat : Cork with Anodized Black Aluminium Sliding band and hoods.
Guides : Fuji BMNAG Strippers and Black Snakes and Tip Top

I am not a big fan of 10ft rods, but this one was special. It casts out a full fly line with no effort at all.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Pink Flamingo

I have always admired some of the pink rods that have surfaced on the net and wondered what I would do should I get the chance to do a pink rod.

Well last year I received a TXL-F in the mail and the brief was simple......Make it Pink.

Quick Specs:

Blank: TXL-F 2710-4B painted pink with a hint of pearl
Thread: Soft Pink/Violet Nylon to blend in with blank
Guides: TiCh Holographic Stripper and TiCh snakes and Tip Top
Grip: Palmgrip with Light Gunsmoke Anodized sliding band and hood
Tube: Same pink as rod with Cherry Blossom Wrap in Silver and Light Gunsmoke Engraved endcaps of my own design.

I treated the rod and tube with a matte clear as per my Heron spec, just to take the flash down a bit and turn it into a satin finish. This eliminated those fingerprints you always see on a gloss surface on a rod tube.

A few snaps of the rod tube....