Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Another Tenkara Outing

On my previous nymphing outing with the Tenkara things really didn't go as planned. Well I changed my leader to be about 13ft long and equipped it with an inline strike indicator that is about 170cm from the point fly. I fish a two fly rig so my dropper is 50cm above the point fly.

From my Curly Q strike inidicator I have a butt section of plus minus 6ft. My line from Curl Q to point fly is 6lb Maxima and its tough as nails. The fish in this clip is not big at all, but I just want to add that I did handle fish double this size without any problems.

 Average time for fish to come to the net is 1-2 Minutes. Note how strong they swim off as they are not played half dead.


 Thanks for watching

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