Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2 x Orvis Superfine Touch 1wts - Part 1

I just completed 2 x Superfine Touch 1wt 7'6" rods.
This post will be photo heavy so I will try and split it up.

Orvis Superfine Touch 1wt 7'6" 4 piece blanks
Grey and Blue Grey Thread
Fuji BMNAG Strippers
Pacbay Lite Wire Snakes in Black
Palmgrip with anodized aluminium sliding ring and concealed hood
Rod finished off with matte clear coat.
Aluminium Rod Tubes Powdercoated and fitted with my Signature Series Endcaps in black with Lazer Etched Engraving

Well here is the Blue Grey One I did for Gordon Van Der Spuy.

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